We’ve All Been Cutting Our English Muffins Wrong! {WATCH}

We’ve All Been Cutting Our English Muffins Wrong! {WATCH}

Here’s the newest thing we’ve been doing wrong our whole life:  You’re not supposed to use a knife to cut an English muffin in half . . . you should be using a FORK.  (???)

TikTok user shared a video saying “Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my 30s.”

According to the video, you shouldn’t use a knife because it cuts the nooks and crannies wrong, and can RUIN your entire English muffin-eating experience.  It’s better to use a fork, or just pull the sides apart with your hands.

This isn’t secret information, by the way.  The Thomas’ English Muffin website clearly says “do not use a knife” in its FAQ section.  And they even put it on their packaging.  Which just goes to show, many of us have never read the instructions.


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