You Have To Sacrifice Now To Win in the Future

Dave Ramsey & Ken Coleman answer your questions and discuss:

  • “Should we sell our house to buy another one?”
  • “Should I buy my wife a new car?”
  • “My health insurance is $1500/month,”
  • “I’m a pastor, how can I increase my income?”
  • “Should I buy a $1m House”
  • “Pay off my house or focus on retirement?”
  • “How do I buy a house without credit?”
  • “Creating a budget for inconsistent income?”
  • “We loaned our son money that he won’t pay back,”
  • “Should I tithe if I don’t attend the church?”
  • “I’m having a moral conflict with my career,”
  • “Save extra in case my 529 runs out?”
  • “How do I discern if my new job is good or not?”
  • “Should we focus on finding good interest rates?”
  • “What should I do with an inheritance?”

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