You Can’t Live Your Dreams if You Don’t Prepare for Them

Jade Warshaw & George Kamel answer your questions and discuss:

  • “Should we save to buy a house?”
  • “How can I afford my minimum payments?”
  • “I’m being asked to sell credit cards at my job,”
  • “Should we stop contributing to our 401(k)?”
  • “Use a mutual fund for a house down payment?”
  • “When will my credit score go away?”
  • “My mom opened a credit card in my name,”
  • Discussion about the “Girl Math” trend,
  • “Should we move into a bigger house?”
  • “My daughter isn’t paying her credit card off?”
  • “Taking over a mortgage with my siblings,”
  • “Trade in our newer car for an older one?”
  • “I drained our savings without my wife knowing,”
  • “Our home buyer came up short on their payment,”
  • “How can I move out of my parents’ house?”

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