What Happens When Parents Misbehave

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Dave Ramsey & Jade Warshaw answer your questions and discuss:

  • “My husband spent $14K on phone games…”
  • “How much should we save before having kids?”
  • How much Americans spend on Halloween,
  • “How much should be in my emergency fund?”
  • Why you should never lease a car,
  • read more: How Does Leasing a Car Work?
  • “My cousin is stealing from her 13-year-old son,”
  • “Get student loans for a higher paying career?”
  • “Should I wait to buy a house?”
  • “How can we keep each other motivated?”
  • “How can we keep each other motivated?”
  • “Save in the S&P500 or in CDs?”
  • “Trade in our car while paying off debt?”
  • “We can’t afford our current expenses,”
  • “My dad wants me to help him buy a house,”
  • “How do we handle our finances as newlyweds?”
  • “What’s the best way for me to buy my first car?”
  • “How do I get on track with the Baby Steps?”

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