THIS Is The Best Way To Avoid Bankruptcy

Dave Ramsey & Jade Warshaw answer your questions and discuss:

  • The right way to set up your budget to take care of your family when you’re barely getting by,
  • read more: 4 Things You Must Include in Your Budget
  • Where “sinking funds” fall in the Baby Steps,
  • read more: What Is a Sinking Fund and How Do You Create One?
  • How to avoid bankruptcy when you’re being sued for debts that are in collections,
  • How to decide if you should go back to school to increase your income,
  • The best places to hold your money for your sinking funds,
  • How to know if you’re making financial decisions based on wisdom or ungratefulness,
  • What to be financially prepared for when moving to the mission field,
  • Why you shouldn’t use your Emergency Fund to pay off your house,
  • “Why are mutual funds highly recommended?”,
  • read more: What Are Mutual Funds? And How Do They Work?
  • Why you should never voluntarily repossess a vehicle to the bank,
  • read more: How Does Car Repossession Work?
  • Where to start focusing your investing as a debt free college graduate,
  • Why getting a car loan to build a credit score is a horrible idea,
  • read more: Living Without a Credit Score
  • Why a 2 hour commute is not worth a cheaper house or beneficial to your marriage,
  • How one couple became became Baby Steps Millionaires in their 30’s,
  • How much you should have in your Emergency Fund as contract employees,
  • read more: A Guide to Your Emergency Fund
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for any kind of student loan forgiveness to pay off your student loans,
  • read more:

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