Think About the Future When You Make Decisions Today

George Kamel & Rachel Cruze answer your questions and discuss:

  • Take out 401(k) loan to pay off my car?
  • George and Rachel react to Ramsey’s most-hated financial advice,
  • “Should I use a VA loan?”
  • “Sell our only car to get out of debt?”
  • “How can I pay for college without student loans?”
  • “Should we wait to buy property?”
  • Getting back on track with the Baby Steps
  • “We owe the IRS $150,000, what can we do?”
  • “How should we manage our investments?”
  • Buying a car while on Baby Step 2,
  • “My wife wants to buy a $1500 baby stroller!”
  • “Pay off our house or save for kid’s college?”
  • “How long should I pause retirement?”
  • “My husband left us.”

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