My Relative Keeps Asking Me for Money… What Should I Do? (Hour 2)

Ken Coleman & George Kamel discuss:

  • What to do when relatives ask for money,
  • How to be saving for a house,
  • What to do after paying off your house,
  • 10 in 10 – Ken and George answer 10 questions in 10 minutes from Instagram:
  • Saving up for college,
  • Standing out as a freelancer,
  • What crypto to invest in,
  • Career advice for those retiring from the military,
  • Where to start with budgeting,
  • Tips for getting a raise at the annual review,
  • Is the HSA part of the 15%?
  • Starting a second career after retiring,
  • Advice for newlyweds,
  • Pumpkin pie vs. pecan pie,
  • The relevancy of LinkedIn,
  • What’s a good emergency fund amount?
  • Staying at a job you hate.
  • Where to tithe if not plugged into a church.

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