If You Want To Win You Have To Go Against the Grain!

Rachel Cruze & Jade Warshaw answer your questions and discuss:

  • “How do we talk to our kids about money?”
  • “Pay off debt while saving for retirement?”
  • “Pause retirement while saving for baby?”
  • “Should I sell my house to pay of debt?”
  • “My boyfriend got out of jail and has $30K in collections,”
  • Why you need to be careful with food delivery services,
  • “Should we move in with my parents?”
  • “How do I get started with a Roth IRA?”
  • “How do I sell my car if I’m upside down on it?”
  • “My husband lost his job after we bought a house,”
  • “Should I pause my student loan payments?”
  • “Should I consolidate my debts?”
  • “We keep fighting about our finances”

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