Don’t Solve A 30-day “Uh-Oh” With A 30-year Commitment

John Delony & Jade Warshaw answer your questions and discuss:

  • How to make progress in your finances after having your first kid,
  • Busting myths about having a 0 credit score,
  • read more: Living Without a Credit Score
  • What to do when you need to go to rehab but you can’t afford it,
  • How to know if you should repair your home or move somewhere new,
  • What to do when your parents don’t respect your boundaries around your wishes for your wedding,
  • What to do when your family transitions to a single income when your wife has had a successful career,
  • Why you shouldn’t be sharing vehicles and homes with people that aren’t your spouse,
  • How to address generational expectations and set boundaries while preparing for your own future,
  • Why it’s so important to prioritize paying off debt for your financial future,
  • read more: The Truth About Debt
  • Dr. John Delony’s new Questions for Humans conversations cards for Thanksgiving and Grandparents & Kids,
  • from the store: Questions for Humans Conversation Cards
  • What to do when you and your spouse don’t agree about selling or repairing a vehicle,
  • How to help grandparents that are being taken advantage of financially.

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