Don’t Rely on Someone Else To Fix Your Life!

George Kamel & Ken Coleman answer your questions and discuss:

  • “My husband wants to sell our home and retire early,”
  • “Should I invest my daughter’s money?” 
  • “My commute is 8 hours round trip,”
  • “How can I help protect my mom’s retirement?”
  • “How much should I save for kid’s college?”
  • “Our employer 403(b) has a poor rate of return,”
  • “Should I use a reverse mortgage to buy a rental?”
  • “Should I pay off my student loans?”
  • “Is it OK to leave my full-time job?”
  • George’s episode about how much salary people need to feel secure
  • George’s new video: What It Takes to Be Financially Secure In America,
  • “How do I start getting out of debt?”
  • “Should I finance a car to get the incentives?”

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