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You Can’t Blame Your Way to a Better Life

 Jade Warshaw & Dr. John Delony answer your questions and discuss: If you should take your pension in a lump sum or payments. We had a $2k bill that was about to go in to collections!” When in the baby steps you catch up on late bills. The pitfalls of using a credit card to…Continue Reading

The Best Calls of the Year So Far (Part 3)

In this special curated episode of some of our favorite calls of the year, Dave Ramsey & his co-hosts answer your questions and discuss: “Should we allow finances to stop our marriage plans?” “My father-in-law deeded a house to my 7-year-old,” “Should I cancel the extended warranty on my car to pay debt?” “Sell my…Continue Reading

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Dave Ramsey & Dr. John Delony answer your questions and discuss: “Should my husband and I ‘divorce’ our finances?” “I won $22m in the lottery and haven’t told all of my family… should I?” “Should we sell our house to pay off debt?” “My husband pays his parents’ bills,” “How should we tackle our mortgage?”…Continue Reading

Don’t Let Your Dream Become a Nightmare

Dave Ramsey & Ken Coleman answer your questions and discuss: “When do I get life insurance as a single mom?” “Should I accept money from dad to buy a house?” :”How can I start working through my debt?” “What do I do after losing my business to a fire?” “Go back to my old job…Continue Reading

Are You Making Stupid Money Moves in the Name of Desperation?

Dave Ramsey & George Kamel answer your questions and discuss: Why you shouldn’t listen to idiots about paying off your house, “Should we save for a wedding or start investing?” “Should I sell my investment property?” “Does it make sense to refinance my student loans?” “Should I transfer my credit card debt?” “We’ve been looking for…Continue Reading

The Best Debt Resolution Program Is YOU!

Ken Coleman & Jade Warshaw answer your questions and discuss: “Am I responsible for my kid’s college tuition?” “How can I earn money while in college?” “How should I find a new job?” “Pause investing while saving for a house?” “Should we use savings to pay our student loans?” “Borrow from our 401(k) to pay…Continue Reading

Don’t Rely on Someone Else To Fix Your Life!

George Kamel & Ken Coleman answer your questions and discuss: “My husband wants to sell our home and retire early,” “Should I invest my daughter’s money?”  “My commute is 8 hours round trip,” “How can I help protect my mom’s retirement?” “How much should I save for kid’s college?” “Our employer 403(b) has a poor…Continue Reading

THIS Is the Most Effective Way To Pay Off Debt

Jade Warshaw & Ken Coleman answer your questions and discuss: “I’m new to the Baby Steps; how do I pay off debt?” “How much ‘fun money’ should we budget?” “Should I turn in the car I’m upside down on?” Why Ken prefers luxury sheets over luxury shoes, “How can I keep an inherited farm?” The…Continue Reading

Very Few People Become Wealthy Using Borrowed Money

Dave Ramsey & Dr. John Delony answer your questions and discuss:  “I’m falling behind financially,” “Should I take our a HELOC for home repairs?” “Does it make sense for me to pay for my daughter’s college education?” “Can someone ever stop tithing in a difficult situation?” “How can I stop enabling my irresponsible mother?” “Will…Continue Reading