Chesapeake To Open Seven Drop-Off Recycling Sites July 1

The City of Chesapeake’s curbside recycling program is set to end on July 1st and the city is creating new drop-off sites for residents.

The city says: “The drop-off program will start basic and will gradually grow as we determine the best way to accomplish our recycling goals.  Success of the residential drop-off recycling sites depends on everyone in the community using them properly and responsibly.”

Drop-off sites opening July 1st:

  • Russell Memorial Library – 2808 Taylor Road

  • Chesapeake Central Library / Municipal Center – 298 Cedar Road (East Parking Lot Between Albemarle Drive and Library)

  • Indian River Library – 2320 Old Greenbrier Road (Old Greenbrier Road and Providence Road)

  • Department of Human Services – 100 Outlaw Street (Outlaw Street and Bainbridge Blvd)

  • Toll Plaza Road – Cul-de-sac at 168 Toll Plaza Road (Chesapeake Expressway Administration Building)

  • Chesapeake City Park – 900 City Park Drive

  • Deep Creek Park – 437 George Washington Highway South


What will be accepted at the drop-off sites?

There will be two separate containers at each drop-off location.

  • Container 1:

    • Plastics #1-7

    • Metal cans (aluminum, tin, steel)

    • Mixed paper (newspaper, office paper, magazines, catalogs, mail, NON-shipping box cardboard, i.e., cereal box)

  • Container 2:

    • Corrugated Cardboard (shipping box material only)

What is NOT accepted at the drop-off sites?

Anything not explicitly listed above is not accepted. For example, items such as glass, yard waste, food waste, construction materials, hazardous waste, tires, household items, and electronics are strictly prohibited at the recycling drop-off sites, just to name a few specifics.

Does shape of plastics still matter?

Curbside recycling required that the accepted plastics be in the shape of a bottle, or have a spout. The plastics accepted at the drop-off sites (#1-7) can be any shape or size.

Do I need to wash my recyclables before bringing them to the drop-off site?

Yes. Please wash/rinse out cans and bottles before recycling.

Are pizza boxes accepted?

No. Pizza boxes and other items that are contaminated by food should be kept out of the recycling drop-off sites. Please keep recyclables as clean as possible.

Why are the accepted recyclables at the drop-off sites different from what used to be allowed when we had curbside?

Recyclables at the drop-off sites are being collected and disposed of by a different company so different rules apply.

Where will the recycled materials be going?

Each recycling drop-off site will be serviced by GFL and Recycling & Disposal Solutions of Virginia (RDS). GFL will collect the materials and transport them to RDS for disposal and processing.

Will these items really be recycled?

Learn more about RDS and their disposal processes at As always, in order for the recycling process to be as successful as possible, it’s critical that users of the drop-off sites only recycle accepted materials. The motto remains: If in doubt, throw it out.

How will the site be set up and secured?

Each drop-off site will have two containers: one for cardboard only and the other for mixed recyclables. The sites will be gated but will be available 24/7. Security lighting and cameras will be set up. Signs will be posted to help direct users.

How will you deter dumping of trash?

The success of this program relies heavily on the cooperation of our community. Each site will have 24/7 video surveillance, though we hope that is rarely needed. Dumping of trash in or around the sites is strictly prohibited in accordance with City Code Sec. 74-30. Violators face fines of up to $2,500 and/or confinement of up to 12 months.

Learn more here.