A McDonald’s Chicken McNugget is Going For Nearly $100K on eBay

Bidding on a single McDonald’s McNugget has reached nearly $100,000 since the online auction opened on May 28.

The unusual McNugget is a hot commodity for its shape, which appears to resemble a character from the popular video game “Among Us.”  The seller originally listed the nugget at 99 cents but fans drove the price sky-high.

The listing describes it as an “authentic” McNugget found inside a McDonald’s BTS Meal, a promotional menu option launched in collaboration with K-Pop band BTS. The meal includes a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, two dipping sauces, and a Coke, although none of the meal’s other components are included with the lot. The McNugget’s condition is also listed as “used.” Yum?

The seller promises to freeze and air-seal the McNugget before shipping and assures “arrival prior to expiration.”

Even X-Bo is commenting on the crazy listing saying “For that price it must come with Szechuan Sauce.”