9 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home This Year

9 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home This Year

Happy New Year!  For everyone that wants to stay up and see this year finally come to an end, here are some fun ways to celebrate the end of 2020 at home.

#1: Dress Up!

Who said you can’t dress up just to sit on the couch? If you typically pull out your best outfit for NYE, go it ag home. Plus, you can get great photo opps with these 20 ways to create your own photo backdrop. Click here.

#2: Make a Festive Drink

Get 21 delicious cocktail recipes here.  Or take it a step further and have a custom cocktail recipe made just for you here.

#3 Make DIY Glitter Votives.

Set the mood with some sparkly candles (just be sure to not leave them unattended!)  Learn how here.

#4: Create your own festive NYE headwear.

Instead of a generic dollar store crown, create your own festive tiara this year.  Get the tutorial here.

#5: DIY Your New Year’s Eve Noisemakers

A perfect craft for kids (and adults) leading up to NYE.  These adorable, glitter-infused bells are perfect for shaking when the ball drops.  Have some spare paper plates?  Make these instead.

#6: Make Your Own Confetti Poppers

Don’t mind a mess to clean up on the first day of the New Year? You can make your own confetti poppers to pop at midnight by using tissue paper and cake pop shooters. Click here to watch a tutorial.

#7: Have a dance party.

Put all those TikTok dances you (or your kids) learned to good use and have a dance party at home.  Take it up a notch with a dance competition to see who can nail the moves best.

#8: Plan a Virtual Toast

Plan a time to call up your friends and loved ones so you can all raise a glass to getting through 2020.

#9: Have a movie night

Now that Hallmark Christmas movies are out of your system, check out these 8 classic New Years’ Eve movies to watch while you ring in the New Year.

#9: Go to sleep early.

Are you just plain tired of 2020?  That’s ok, skip it altogether and just go to bed early.  You do you!