13 Games to Liven Up Your Zoom Holiday Party

13 Games to Liven Up Your Zoom Holiday Party

We’ve all done so many Zoom meetings and Happy Hours in 2020 we may be feeling burned out.  But Bustle came up with 13 games to liven up your next zoom Holiday party.


1. Name That Holiday Tune

Create a festive playlist and whoever can correctly guess the song first wins!

2. Santa Hat Movie Drinking Game

This combines a few trends… a happy hour and watching a movie together over Netflix.  Have all of your guests place a Santa hat on the corner of their TV or laptop.  Select a movie to watch together.  Every time the hat looks as if it’s on a character’s head, take a sip.

3. Gift Wrapping Race

Have your guests all choose a gift (or a plain box) from under their trees (or anywhere!) that are about the same size and start the time to see who can wrap the fastest. Bonus points for best wrapped.

4. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

This one is self explanatory.  Not being able to see each other in person doesn’t prevent us from seeing ugly sweaters over zoom!  Bonus points if you wear pants.

5. Guess The Candy Game

Fill the jar up with a various number (that only you know) of holiday candies and have your friends guess the exact amount.  Winner gets the jar mailed to them.

6. Never Have I Ever: Holiday Edition

An oldie but goodie with a holiday twist. Have you ever forgotten a gift for a family member? Ever waited until Christmas Eve to get your family gifts? Have you ever re-gifted?  Find out what your friends and family are really like.

7. Holiday Trivia

Have holiday-themed trivia night to see who knows Santa best.

8. Holiday Bingo

Not sure what to play next? You can find holiday-themed bingo cards via a quick Google search.

9. Charades

Split your guests into two teams and use Zoom’s spotlight feature so the person making the gestures can be seen by all.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Send your guests on a scavenger hunt to find holiday-themed decorations. It could be an ornament, cookie-cutter or something they may have to dig for like the gift you gave them last year..

11. Holiday Jeopardy

Host your own game of holiday-themed jeopardy. Get an easy tutorial here.

12. Pictionary

Everyone knows how to play this classic but you can make it holiday-themed with this list of holiday buzzwords.

13. Virtual Games

JackboxHousepartyBunch, and more offer up virtual game packs that include games like Drawful and Fibbage.

Happy Virtual Holidays!